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Senior Full-stack Developer

Deadline: 15.06.2020

Norwegian Institute for Water Research

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway's leading research institute for the aquatic environment, working across a wide range of environmental, climate and resource issues. Our high quality research is characterised by its relevance, and its holistic and interdisciplinary approach, combining research with monitoring, assessment, problem solving and consulting. The NIVA group has approximately 400 employees and is headquartered in Oslo, with branches in Bergen, Grimstad, Hamar and Copenhagen, together with a marine research station in Drøbak, and subsidiaries in Tromsø, Chile and China

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway’s leading institute for applied research on marine and freshwaters. The institute has world-class, multidisciplinary expertise across a wide array of environmental, climatic and resource-related fields. We combine research, monitoring, evaluation, problem-solving and advisory services at international, national and local levels.

NIVA has a broad set of water and water-related environmental data from monitoring programs, field studies, modelling and samples analyzed in NIVA’s laboratories. The data include physical, chemical and biological quantities.

NIVA’s section for Environmental Data Science is working with the “digitalization of environmental research” in Norway. We are currently tasked with developing a new and modern data platform including capabilities for delivering future digital services. The goal is to bridge the past, present and future when it comes to how we conduct environmental research and by doing so we strive to help our society become more sustainable.

NIVA group has approximately 340 employees, with a head office is in Oslo and regional offices in Bergen, Grimstad, Hamar and Copenhagen, plus a research station at Drøbak (Oslofjord) and subsidiaries in Tromsø, Chile and China.

As a part of NIVA’s ongoing efforts to develop new data platforms and digital services, we are hiring a full-time senior developer to our Environmental Data Science team.

Job description

  • Contribute to and help drive the design and implementation of a modern data platform for NIVA
  • Drive development of new digital services within and across both NIVA and external user bases
  • Data wrangling: prepare, analyze and facilitate use of data by NIVA’s researchers

This will be a team effort where the successful candidate will work closely with colleagues in the environmental data science section and researchers and technicians across NIVA’s research domains.


A university degree (MSc or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, statistics, software engineering, physics, or related fields is required. Relevant experience can compensate for formal education. A good command of English is also mandatory.

Documented knowledge, skills and experience in some of the following topics is desirable:

  • Full-stack development on Linux/Unix platforms
  • Public cloud deployment, including containerization and orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Databases (relational and others)
  • Microservices
  • Git, GitHub or other version control systems
  • Python, JavaScript and R
  • Event-driven data processing pipelines, e.g. Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ or similar
  • Security related to (web) solutions, apps and APIs exposed externally, authentication and authorization
  • Web frameworks, e.g. React, Flask and GraphQL
  • Environmental or applied sciences
  • Statistics and machine learning

Personal qualifications

We are looking for an enthusiastic, goal-oriented candidate with good communication skills, who wishes to work in a broad, interdisciplinary and international research group with colleagues from a range of backgrounds. More specifically, we are looking for candidates with a “hacker mindset” who are eager to learn new technologies and who find pleasure in finding and implementing solutions to hard problems. By joining NIVA you’ll be part of an enthusiastic team of developers, data scientists and data engineers in a company with established expertise in the water domain. You’ll participate in exiting research and development projects at the interface between environmental research, IT and data science, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in designing and building NIVA’s next generation data platform and products. You’ll also have the chance to play a part in protecting our waters for the future.

NIVA offer

  • The opportunity of working towards creating a better future
  • Challenging tasks at the leading national water research institute with a comprehensive international network of contacts.A head office at CIENS (The Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research) centrally located at the Oslo Innovation Centre near the University of Oslo. Note that NIVA will move HQ in end of 2020/early 2021 to a location at around Adamstuen for before finding permanent residence at Campus Sognsveien (next to Ullevål stadion) in 2024
  • Stimulating work environment with capable and dedicated employees.
  • Competitive conditions and salaries, pension plans and insurance benefits.

Applicants might be evaluated and contacted before the application deadline.

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