Researcher in veterinary epidemiology

Deadline: 06.06.2021

Norwegian Veterinary Institute

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is a research institute in the areas of animal health, fish health and food and feed safety, whose primary function is supply of research-based knowledge support to the authorities.

NVI have a free and independent position in all academic questions. As the authorities' main advisor in topics related to prevention, handling and elimination of zoonosis and serious infectious diseases in fish and land animals, NVI performs an important task to the Norwegian society. NVI also assists in the prevention and management of crises caused by hazardous compounds and contaminants in feed and food.

We provide services and advice to the industry, professionals and pet owners. The institute’s headquarters are located in Ås, but NVI is present throughout Norway with 5 regional laboratories in Sandnes, Bergen, Trondheim, Harstad and Tromsø.

Are you a veterinary epidemiologist dedicated to improve animal health using state-of-the-art technologies?

Veterinary epidemiology is increasingly important to secure sustainable livestock and aquaculture production both economically, environmentally and with regard to human and animal health To further strengthen our capacity in the field of veterinary epidemiology, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute is looking for a skilled and progressive veterinary epidemiologist for a permanent full-time position.

The Section for Epidemiology has a large project portfolio and currently employs about 20 researchers within the fields of epidemiology, disease transmission modelling, risk assessment, health economics, biostatistics and bioinformatics. It also has an international profile and large workplace diversity. The section provides a research-focused environment with good opportunities for professional development and network building. The employees have an understanding of our mission, which is ensuring better health for animals and humans.

The position is in our brand-new and modern facilities in Ås.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute promotes diversity, and encourages all qualified candidates to apply for the position, regardless of age, gender, functional ability, gap in CV, national or ethnic background.

Work tasks

You will work with research projects, disease outbreak support and give advice to the competent authorities on, for example, surveillance, risk analyses and mitigation strategies, according to experience.

Ongoing research projects include the development of data-driven decision support tools by exploring more robust and/or earlier signals of disease emergence based on multiple data sources. Other projects include combining data sources in disease transmission models for better preparedness against emerging diseases. The candidate will help us utilize existing and new data streams in novel ways, an area with great unrealized potential.

Much of our research is industry and management oriented, and thus an important part of the tasks are to help create user friendly interfaces with actionable insight for controlling diseases and communicating with users.

New or recurring diseases are continuously introduced in the Norwegian animal population, and the successful candidate will assist in outbreak investigation and planning for mitigation. We assist the competent authorities and our own laboratory department in reporting, mapping, sampling design and tracing of infections.

There is a strong focus on One-health, and tasks also include work with zoonotic diseases, sustainability and risk emergence due to climate change.

The main tool for statistics and programming in the research group is R. We utilize R in a wide variety of applications, such as data management, statistics, as well as the development of interactive web based tools using the shiny package. The group works closely together to maintain and extend our existing source code and to develop new scripts and workflows.

You are expected to participate in ongoing projects, and to initiate, plan and lead research projects. The position offers excellent opportunities for developing a research career and building networks. Personal development in the fields of epidemiology, data analysis and dissemination is strongly encouraged.


  • The candidate must hold a PhD in epidemiology or another relevant field, a degree in veterinary medicine is valued
  • Good written and oral skills in English are required. Good skills in a Scandinavian language are valued
  • Experience with programming, especially in R is valued
  • Experience within the described work tasks will also be valued

Personal skills

  • Ability to work in a team and to assist colleagues
  • Creativity and interest for exploring new technology and adapting modern ways of working and solving problems
  • Ability to take personal responsibility for duties in a project
  • Good problem-solving skills, be able to work independently, and to organize and run projects
  • Interest in communication and dissemination of research

We seek candidates that identify with the Norwegian Veterinary Institute’s core values: future-oriented, ambitious, and interacting.

Personal suitability and motivation for the position will be emphasized.

We offer

  • An interesting position with exciting and varied tasks
  • Excellent opportunities for career development
  • A work environment characterized by a high level of competence, professional challenges and diversity
  • A flexible and inclusive workplace
  • Favorable agreements for loans and pension savings in the Government Pension Fund and for this contribution, 2% of salary is deducted

The position is paid in accordance with the Government's salary regulations. The position is placed as a researcher in position code 1109, 1110 or 1183 depending on qualifications.

If you find the above of interest, we look forward to seeing your application. CV, diploma, certificates and other relevant documents must be attached to the application. For further information about the position, you are welcome to contact section leader Malin Jonsson or senior researcher Britt Bang Jensen.

We point out that the CV is used for an extended list of applicants. If you want to be exempted from the public applicant list, the reason must be justified in the application. Information can be published even if you have requested not to be listed on the applicant list. You will be notified if the request for a reservation is not granted.

Webcruiter ID: 4377543292

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  • Malin Jonsson (Seksjonsleder), 93086902
  • Britt Bang Jensen (Seniorforsker), 46543817
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