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Researcher in human nutrition, human physiology, or the interface biochemistry and nutrition

Deadline: 18.08.2020

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

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About The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science

The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences (KBM) has approximately 160 employees, divided between research groups and faculty administration. The faculty currently has 10 administrative staff. KBM has approximately 50 doctoral students and approximately 500 bachelor's and master students. The faculty has active research groups within chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology and microbial genetic engineering, bioinformatics and analysis methodology, food technology and quality. The faculty has a very vital research culture, which our education programs also reflect.

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Do you have experience in clinical trials? We are looking for someone who can plan and conduct an intervention study on humans.

About the position

At the Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences there is a vacancy as a researcher in nutrition, physiology, biochemistry/nutrition with a duration of at least 14 months. Whoever is hired will work on the project Lipidinflammagenes. The project is funded by NFR via FFL/JA and is a collaborative project between NMBU, NTNU, UiO, the entire meat industry, Tine, Melk.no and TNO in the Netherlands.

The researcher we will hire will prepare and conduct a human intervention study in nutrition and process data for publication. The intervention activity is in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU.

Main tasks

Current tasks are to:

  • Plan and conduct an intervention study on a student population, where different foods and fat sources are tested in relation to clinical biomarkers and to satiety
  • Obtain analyses contracts, budget running costs, progress and resource needs.
  • Recruit participants to and monitor these during the intervention programme
  • Be responsible for logistics in the intervention programme
  • Organize and send out biological samples for analysis
  • Collect and organize test results.

Regarding reporting, the tasks are:

  • Development of work reports
  • Protocol recognition and documentation of the study
  • Preparation of research reports and publications

Eligibility requirements; desired experiences, knowledge and personal characteristics

The position requires:

  • Relevant education from university: minimum a master's degree but preferably a PhD in nutrition or clinical nutrition
  • Relevant experience with clinical trials
  • Experienced level regarding data management/statistics
  • Knowledge of methods for measuring clinical biomarkers and molecular biological methods
  • Good digital skills
  • Very good communication skills orally and in writing in English; understanding one Scandinavian language is preferred
  • Documented work experience with tasks relevant to the project can replace some of the formal requirements as long as the candidate can specifically document the successful completion of tasks at a relevant level.

The following experiences and knowledge are emphasized

We are looking for a person who has:

  • ability to work independently, systematically and structured,
  • a good sense of order and great working capacity
  • good cooperating and communicating skills
  • analyzed or used biomatrice (e.g. blood, urine etc) data
  • knowledge of sequencing of RNA or used data origination from this type of analysis
  • has good statistical knowledge.
  • participated in human interventions

Remuneration and further information

The position is placed in position code 1109 Researcher, salary frame 24 (ltr. 61-77) (NOK 542 400-741 300) or 1108 Researcher, salary frame 25 (ltr. 51-60) (NOK 456 400- 532 300) depending on qualifications. Seniority promotion in the position.

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General Information to applicants


Application is sent electronically via the link "Apply for the position" at the top of this page. Attach diplomas and any testimonials.

Application deadline: 18.08.2020.

Applicant can attach up to 10 publications which, in the applicant's opinion, are relevant for the tasks requested. When it is difficult to identify the applicant's efforts in a paper, a brief account of the applicant's must be enclosed.

Documents that cannot be sent electronically are sent in three copies with ordinary mail marked still.nr. 20/02891. to NMBU, Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, P.O. Box 5003, NO-1432 Ås, by 18.08.2020. Applicants who are summoned for an interview must be able to provide confirmed copies of diplomas and crtificates.

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