Doctoral Research Fellowships - Systematic Development of Novel Business Models

Deadline: 15.02.2023

Kristiania University College

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Doctoral Research Fellowships in Applied Information Technology (Systematic Development of Novel Business Models)

The School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology delivers research and study programmes at bachelor, master and PhD level. The emphasis for both research and study programmes are on economics, innovation, digitalization and information technology. Information science, information systems and the interaction between technology and human beings are other exciting focus areas.

The PhD programme in Applied Information Technology is offered from autumn 2022.

The PhD in Applied Information Technology at the School of Economics, Innovation and Technology (SEIT) is at the forefront of research on the business and organizational implications of digital technology, evolving applied computer science and of the understanding and design of new user interaction paradigms through information systems research and human-computer interaction studies.

PhD fellowships in applied information technology

Kristiania University College is offering a fully funded PhD fellowship for candidates with a solid background in applied information technology. The successful applicant will be included in a team of researchers with ambitious plans to further develop research and pedagogical activities related to the information technology field at the university college.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with strong academic background for a PhD position. Experience in fields related to information systems, information technology, finance, industrial engineering, management are appreciated. The candidate will be encouraged to write an article thesis (compilation thesis) towards completion of their PhD. A mixed qualitative and quantitative research experience is appreciated. However, since research topic is of exploratory nature, some prior qualitative research experience will be appreciated. For data collection during the research the candidate will also be required to work closely with industries in Norway that have already started to deploy technology based advanced servitization business models.

This project titled “SNOBI – Systematic Development of Novel Business Models” is an ongoing project with Tampere University, Finland. Kristiania is a partner on this project and PhD fellow at Kristiania will work on a part of this project, extending it to Norwegian equipment manufacturers. The objective of the SNOBI project is to design and implement the systematic transformation process from traditional business models to advanced PPX type business models. Primary research question of the SNOBI Project is: How to design and implement the systematic transformation process from traditional business models to advanced PPX type business models in investment product manufacturing equipment companies? The PhD fellow will work on some sub-questions2 to meet the overall objective. In particular, (a) How can IIOT enabled ML/knowledge-based Data Analytics to be used to support the development of advanced PPX business models for investment product manufacturing equipment companies? (b) What kind of competences (technical and strategic) are needed to implement the advanced PPX business models in investment product manufacturing equipment companies?

Interested candidates may submit a research proposal using the linked template (this is optional).Confirmed admission to the Ph.D. programme must be available at the latest three months after signing the employment contract. To be accepted for this program, it is required with a relevant 180 ECTS bachelor’s degree, and a relevant 120 ECTS master’s degree (or integrated bachelor and master) with minimum 30 ECTS master thesis, and with grade similar to the Norwegian/European grade B or higher in average and for the master thesis.

The application must hold:

  • Motivation letter for the position
  • Approved Diplomas and Transcripts (in Scandinavian or English language)
  • CV
  • At least two references
  • Master thesis
  • Foreign education requires recognition from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). Check the status of your university or read about the recognition process here

Candidates are encouraged to submit a research proposal using the linked template, but this is not a requirement for applying to the position.

The starting salary is 501,200 NOK a year.

The Ph.D. research fellowship period is 3 years and the (latest) starting date is August 1. 2023.

Working place is School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology. The School is located in downtown Oslo, with numerous amenities, recreational spaces, and urban fun right next door.

Kristiania University College welcomes and encourages applications from diverse backgrounds. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application deadline: 15 February 2023.

Qualified candidates will continuously be screened until the position is filled.

Contact persons:


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