PhD Research Fellowship in regional innovation

Deadline: 21.02.2021

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

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Campus Lillehammer is situated just outside the city of Lillehammer and has approximately 5000 students and an academic and administrative stuff of 400 employees. The position is currently at the Inland School of Business and Social Sciences.

The PhD programme Innovation in Services - Public and Private invites candidates to apply for PhD Research Fellowship in regional innovation

About the position

Inland School of Business and Social Sciences, The PhD programme Innovation in Services - Public and Private (INSEPP), invites candidates to apply for a 3-year PhD research fellowship to work with the broad field of innovation studies with particular focus on regional innovation and peripheral regions. Depending on the department`s needs, and the candidate`s competence and desires, the position may be transformed into a four years position with 25% teaching duties.The purpose of the PhD Research Fellowship for the admitted candidate is to undergo a research training programme that leads to the successful completion of a doctoral degree. The selected applicant will be expected to complete the PhD programme in 2024/2025.The successful candidate is required to submit a proposal of a doctoral research training programme that is approved and agreed upon no later than 3 months after the date commencement. The University will assist the selected candidate to formulate this agreement.

Contact information:

The project

The PhD candidates will be a part of an international team of innovation researchers at INN University. The project Regional Dynamics and Innovation Capabilities in Non-metropolitan contexts (REDINN) explore different drivers and barriers for regional renewal with empirical attention on the region of Inland in Eastern Norway. The REDINN-project will co-operate with leading milieus in the field, and abroad research stays will be facilitated. The project will develop knowledge that can inform the innovation system and innovation processes within and among firms, and at the same time, link this research to policy advice. REDINN draw on interdisciplinary literature from economic geography, regional economy, production- and micro-economics, management, international business and public policy.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed in the project, as well as other relevant theoretical and empirical tools.

INSEPP has three positions available.

The following description provide information about the different fields of study:

  • We are seeking a candidate that should do high level research towards innovation within the broad field of new models of integrated health care system between primary and specialist- health. This position will be organized in close co-operation with the local health service. Candidates that could connect to the field of organizational innovation, the role of technology in health and public service innovation, is particular interesting for REDINN.
  • We are seeking a candidate that is able to carry out high-quality network analysis within an innovation approach. We are particularly looking for candidates that can manage quantitative network analysis within the field innovation studies. Examples of research topics that the fellow can undertake is: Sources of innovation, the role of multi-scalar networks in innovation, the composition of knowledge flows in path development and how networks and knowledge flows are combined in regional innovation processes.
  • We are seeking a candidate with particular attention towards the role of policy in sustainability transitions in regional innovation processes. Examples of study topics can be: How policy actors facilitate regional renewal in order to maintain and further develop the regional innovation system. Another topic of relevance is how the policy system can balance the need for more sustainable transitions in the regional industry and at the same time stimulating growth in different regional sectors.

We are looking for candidates that are highly motivated for research in the field of innovation theory and regional development within social sciences. If more than three candidates are assessed as very well qualified, the faculty will consider hiring 1-2 more research fellows.

Qualifications and personal skills

  • The person to be appointed must have a master's degree, 120 ECTS, including a master's thesis of at least 30 ECT cf. NOKUT’s (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education’s) requirements for admission to PhD-education at Norwegian universities.
  • Applicants with a master’s degree from universities abroad, have to attach “Recognition of foreign higher education” from NOKUT. Instructions on how to get this master’s degree assessed and approved are given by NOKUT, cf. https://www.nokut.no/en/services/recognition-of-foreign-higher-education/
  • Expertise in relevant ICT software program
  • Language proficiency: Oral and written English is required. In addition, it may be necessary to have command of a Nordic language.
  • Ability to work independently and purposefully but also have a command of cooperation on research tasks and publishing

For information on PhD position in general, see: Regulations on employment conditions forpositions as postdoctoral, fellow, scientific assistant

How to apply

The application and all attachments are to be submitted electronically and should include the following:

  • Application letter
  • Project description and progress plan (4-5 pages) for the work to be undertaken, where academic relevance and different challenges and possibilities within the project is being outlined.
  • CV (summarizing education, positions and academic work)
  • Copies of educational certificates
  • Letters of recommendation (if any)
  • A complete list of publications (if any)

If you have any questions about uploading an attachment or other technical matters regarding the application, Jobbnorge customer service can be contacted. Contact information is provided as a link in the application form.

Relevant applications will be considered by an expert committee. Comprehensive CVs, certified copies of diplomas and certificates, publication lists and documents/works to be considered must be submitted as electronic attachments or links to the application.

Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview.

Requests for exemptions from the public applicant list must be clearly justified and stated via the electronic application form. Applicants will be contacted if INN University cannot comply with the request (cf. § 25 of the Freedom of Information Act).

The state workforce should, as far as possible, reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore a personnel policy goal at INN University to achieve a balanced age and gender composition and to recruit people with an immigrant background. If necessary, the working conditions are adapted for persons with disabilities. If applicants declare in their CV that they have a disability, this information may be used for registration purposes in connection with the target employment numbers.

We offer

  • An academically stimulating work environment with engaged colleagues and a growing institution
  • Good welfare benefits
  • Good pension benefits, under the Norwegian Public Service Pension Funds
  • The position’s salary follows position code 1017 PhD candidate in the state's wage regulations, a pay grade of 54 (NOK 482 200,- p.a). If 4 years with 25 % teaching duties is agreed upon, 25 % will be remunerated according to the appropriate level for a teaching position, on the basis of an evaluation of relevant qualifications. For particularly qualified candidates, placement and salary can be agreed in position code 1378 PhD candidate.

For more information about INN University as an employer, please see here .

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