Spennende jobbmulighet ved Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE)!

Senior / Principal Research Scientist within Smart Cities

Deadline: 31.08.2021

Institute for Energy Technology

The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is an independent research foundation in Norway, with locations in Kjeller and Halden. Our vision is to be an ‘international leading research environment that actively develops innovative solutions through people and technology’. We have roughly 600 employees, with annual sales of approximately 1 billion NOK. IFE is a broad multi-disciplinary research organisation, with international top-level expertise in the fields of digital technologies, material and process technology, flow and analysis technologies, radiopharmaceutical technology and nuclear technology. Our mission is ‘Research for a better future’. We develop innovative technological solutions for both industry and public sector in more than 30 countries, and host the International OECD Halden Reactor Project. www.ife.no

Will you join us working in the research area Smart Cities?

We are growing fast and looking for Senior to Principal Research Scientists with a curious and collaborative attitude who are energized to conduct research for a better future within our highlighted research fields:

  • Digital ecosystems for smart cities (smart environments, intelligent systems, distributed systems, data management)
  • Data-sharing in smart cities (data markets, data governance, privacy and security preserving technologies, data engineering, distributed ledger technologies, big data technologies, ontologies/taxonomies)
  • Data-driven citizen centred service innovation in smart cities (public services, mobility, sharing economy)
  • Resilient cities (Cyber security, situation awareness, emergency preparedness, intelligent city infrastructure)
  • Sustainable smart cities (energy informatics, digitalised water production and distribution, citizen behaviour change, climate change mitigation and adaptation)

As part of the smart city research area, IFE has joined the My Digital City program together with Smart Innovation Norway, Østfold University College and Halden municipality. The program aims to drive interdisciplinary research-driven innovation on smart cities.

Position information:

As a Senior to Principal Research Scientist, you will have a well-paid permanent position where 100% of your time is dedicated to research activity (no teaching unless you wish to have a connection to a university, as well). You will spend your time working with private and public parties to carry out applied research work, generating scientific publications, and seeking new research opportunities and funding. You will be surrounded by distinguished colleagues with multidisciplinary research backgrounds in an inclusive workplace with strong national and international networks in research and industry.

Our requirements:

You should have:

  • PhD and research focus in one or more of our research fields. Given our multidisciplinary focus, expertise in more than one of the fields would be advantageous
  • A strong publication record in the last 5-10 years in these research fields
  • Track record of successful grant proposal writing
  • Track record of leading research projects through to success
  • A strong international network
  • You should be fluent in English
  • You should be interested in creating research groups around your research interests and mentoring junior researchers

Required expertise:

  • Artificial intelligence; Data science; Cyber security; Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and spatial computing; Robotics and cyber-physical systems; Interaction with complex data and advanced modelling; Modelling and simulation of physical systems; Digital twins;
  • Human-centred digitalisation; Human-centered artificial intelligence; Humans and automation collaboration; Interaction design; Risk safety management; Human reliability; Organisational psychology; Cognitive psychology

We offer:

  • A permanent position fully dedicated to research activity
  • Research tasks in fields that have great potential for large societal impact
  • Considerable freedom to develop research projects in the direction of your interests
  • A large degree of autonomy and flexible working hours
  • Multidisciplinary work environment
  • Access to state-of-the-art laboratories
  • A well-established and wide ranging national and international network within research and industry
  • Growing and healthy organisation that is focused on individual and group development
  • A very competitive salary with a good pension plan

How to Apply?

The following application materials must be submitted through the IFE job application portal:

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae

Location: Halden in Norway.

Questions regarding the position: You can email questions to our research director Dr. Tomas Eric Nordlander [email protected], department head Stine Strand [email protected] or Human Resources Ms. Lise Martinsen [email protected]

We place great emphasis on your personal suitability for the position. IFE is subject to the National Security Act, and the candidate must be able to pass a background check and must be able to obtain security clearance and authorization.

Webcruiter ID: 4408726732

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