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PhD position in Maritime Safety Management, audit and inspections

Deadline: 20.10.2019

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences has a available PhD position in Maritime Safety Management, audit and inspections

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences (FØS) has one available PhD position in maritime safety management, with a particular emphasis of inspection and audits of on board safety management systems. 100 % position for 4 years (including 25% teaching duty). The PhD student will be part of the maritime safety research group (MarSafe) at the department of maritime studies. The place of employment is at campus Haugesund, Norway.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

With about 16,000 students, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest higher education institutions in Norway. A broad range of academic programmes are offered at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels, spread out on five campuses Førde, Sogndal, Bergen, Stord og Haugesund.

Our ambition is to build stronger and more solid academic and research environments that will interact nationally and internationally.
The aim is to become a recognized actor on the international higher education arena. Increased international cooperation and engagement in externally funded projects will work towards this goal.

The Faculty of Business Administration (FØS) has three departments with about 120 employees and 2000 students at the campuses; Bergen, Haugesund and Sogndal.

The Faculty is educating students to disciplinary courses and professional studies. The faculty offers education on bachelor-, master- and PhD level.The Faculty has a close collaboration with the trade and industry in the whole region of HVL. This results in research collaboration and a wide portfolio to continuing and further education.

The various educational provision gives unique possibilities for collaborations between different subject areas and disciplines within the faculty, however, also with other faculties.

The Faculty of Business and Administrations (FØS) is organized with three departments and one research center:- Department of Business Administration (IØA)- Department of Social Science (ISV)- Department of Maritime Studies (IMS)- Maritime Research

Department of Maritime StudiesDepartment of Maritime Studies (IMS) has educations on bachelor-, master- and PhD-level with a strong and active research environment. We have 23 permanent employees from different nations and collaborations with other universities both nationally and abroad. The department of Maritime Studies is located in Haugesund.

The research activity in the department is mainly linked to the research program MarSafe. The researchers in MarSafe collaborates close with the industry, and have focus on the risk and safety in the maritime industry, with the aim on organisational and operational aspects in relation to risk and safety management.

The PhD-student will apply for admission at the PhD programme in Nautical Operations. The Nautical Operations programme is a joint programme by HVL, UiT, NTNU and USN.

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) accredited in 2016 the unique Ph.D. Programme in Nautical Operations as a joint degree between the four institutions educating ship officers at a university level in Norway; University of South-Eastern Norway, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Our Ph.D. programme is broad and includes e.g. ship navigation, maneuvering, maritime logistics and transportation of water-based vehicles. We have a strong academic staff group that covers many scientific fields, such as mathematics, nautical science and social science.

Our Ph.D. programme focuses on applied research to support, improve and develop the activities carried out in nautical operations where the strategic aspects include various aspects of the type and size of a fleet of ships, equipment and personnel, planning, implementation and evaluation. This research education represents a synthesis between an operational professional field and an engineering education where the purpose is to improve and develop the safety and efficiency of nautical operations.

The programme has a stated mission to recruit Ph.D. students with a maritime operative background. We have, to date, enrolled about 20 students – from the Far East to the Americas – in the programme. Our Ph.D. Programme is – the one and only – dedicated for individuals with a maritime operative background. Candidates with no maritime operative background may also apply.

This Ph.D position addresses safety management within the maritime industry, with a particular emphasis of inspection and audits of such systems.

Key duties- and responsibilities:

  • Plan and perform research to understand, evaluate, and improve audit and inspections of safety management systems
  • Conduct research, applying relevant methods within quantitative or qualitative studies, assess data, interpret and form conclusion
  • Write scientific manuscripts for conferences and peer-reviewed journals
  • Travel may be needed as a part of the position
  • 25 % teaching duties in relevant courses for students on bachelor level


  • Relevant MSc Degree within safety management, risk management, HSE or other relevant topics. Grades should be minimum a B grade average and a B grade on master thesis according to the Norwegian system
  • Experience with applying risk and safety management philosophy, concepts, and approach is preferred
  • Documented qualifications in the English language as per requirements for Norwegian Higher Education, and in accordance with the requirements for the PhD program in Nautical Operations (https://www.hvl.no/en/studies-at-hvl/study-programmes/2019h/phdnaut/)
  • The person that is hired must fulfil the requirements for admission into the PhD program in Nautical Operations. For more info, see https://www.hvl.no/en/studies-at-hvl/study-programmes/2019h/phdnaut/

Other qualifications:

  • Seafaring experience is preferred
  • Research experience in multiple industries within safety management, audits and inspections is useful and relevant
  • Work experience with addressing rules and regulations, cooperation with government and regulatory authorities, ship owners and operators, classification societies and academia
  • Experience and knowledge within safety management, audit and inspections

Personal skills:

  • Ability to work alone, in small and large groups, among multiple discipline experts
  • Good communication skills, both orally and in writing
  • Interest for teaching and supervision of students
  • Strong motivation for completing the PhD in the given timeline (2020-2024) and contributing to research within the maritime field

Application procedure:

Please send your resume, CV, certificates and diplomas by clicking the button marked with «Søk stillingen» on this site. Please enclose a project plan of about 4 pages.

Applications that do not include a project plan will not be considered. We kindly inform you that your application will be evaluated using the information provided in your application at www.jobbnorge.no by the application date. It is the applicant's own responsibility to ensure that all relevant attachments are submitted by the application date including scientific work (up to 15 pieces),master thesis, copies of selected academic publications, a complete publication list if applicable, certificates and diplomas. If the diplomas, certificates or other evidence of formal qualifications are not in a Scandinavian language or English, the applicant must submit certified translations. Please compress attachments exceeding 15 MB, or attach them as a link to the application. Applications will be sent to the expert committee electronically via Jobbnorge.

To apply for this position, please use the link “Apply for this job” (“Søk stillingen”).

The appointment board is Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences (FØS) at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Applicants to PhD positions must be assessed by an expert committee. Based upon the expert committee’s evaluation and recommendation, the qualified applicants will be invited for an interview and trial lecture. Applications cannot be sent by e-mail or to individuals at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

We offer:

  • Good occupational pension, insurance and loan schemes from The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Exciting academic environment with the possibility of competence enhancement and development
  • Opportunities for training within the working hours

The position is remunerated according to the state salary scale LR 20, position code 1017, Ltr. 54, NOK 479 600.

There is a compulsory 2 % deduction to the pension fund (see http://www.spk.no/en for more information). The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.

General information:

The appointment will be made in accordance with the regulations for State employees Law in Norway ("Lov om statens ansatte)". Organizational changes and changes in the duties and responsibilities associated with the position must be expected.

State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highest possible degree. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Bergen has therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we achieve a balanced age and gender composition and the recruitment of persons of various ethnic backgrounds.

Information about the applicant may be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants. The applicant will be notified if his/her request is not respected. Applicants may be called in for an interview.


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