Ledig stilling ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet

1-3 Associate Professors in Computer science

Deadline: 17.08.2020

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

UiT is a multi-campus research university in Norway and the northernmost university of the world. Our central location in the High North, our broad and diverse research and study portfolio, and our interdisciplinary qualities make us uniquely suited to meet the challenges of the future. At UiT you can explore global issues from a close-up perspective.

Credibility, academic freedom, closeness, creativity and commitment shall be hallmarks of the relationship between our employees, between our employees and our students and between UiT and our partners.

Faculty of Science and Technology

The position

UiT The Arctic University of Norway wishes to recruit new associate professors in Computer science with the ambition to further advance the field of Health technology at UiT to the highest international level. Computer science is a key discipline in this context and in general, with regard to its ubiquity in our digital society.

The Department of Computer Science provides an active international research environment with 18 tenured faculty members, 5 adjunct professors, 5 post doctors and researchers, 8 technical/ administrative staff members and about 28 PhD students. The objective of the Department is to advance the research and teaching of computer science as a discipline, to demonstrate leadership within our areas of interest, and to contribute to society through our education, research, and dissemination.

Our research focuses on fundamental computer systems research, systems software, application software, and system prototype development. We are concerned primarily with technical aspects of computer science systems research of mobile, distributed and parallel systems and applications. The research covers experimental development, application, analysis and testing of models, architectures, and mechanisms for mobile, embedded, distributed and/or parallel applications. Scaling, performance, handling, and analysis of large feature-rich datasets, heterogeneity, energy-efficiency, autonomy, and componentization are examples of concerns that we address. In Health technology, our research focus is on the development of systems, devices, and procedures to solve health problems and improve quality of lives.

The workplace is at UiT in Tromsø. You must be able to start in the position within a reasonable time, within 6 months after receiving the offer.

The position’s field of research or work

We seek candidates with experience in applying Computer science in Health technology. The overriding purpose of the position is to strengthen the department’s established research areas and educational quality and capacity.

The successful candidate on this position will be an expert in the research and development of systems that integrate computing, networking, and health technology. Topics within Health technology include, but are not limited to, efficient integration of heterogeneous data sources, management of large data repositories, development and experimental testing of models, applications of data warehouses for point-of-care support systems and for clinical trials, IoT systems and sensor networks, mobile and ubiquitous computing, export of data from medical information systems for teaching and research, and utilization of large genetics databases.

In education, we expect the receiver of the position to participate in teaching at the department courses at all levels, and to offer courses that attract major portions of our student body, rather than working exclusively with a limited set of students or with a specific area of focus. The candidates will contribute to the development of the study programs and courses at the department, and in particular, the Health technology related study and courses.


Further information about the positions is available by contacting:

For administrative questions, please contact the Department’s administration:

Svein Tore Jensen, email: [email protected].


The candidate must hold a PhD in Computer science, have demonstrated an ability to conduct high quality research, and have a strong commitment to engagement outside of academia in ways that foster significant commercial or societal impact. Applicants should have a good publication record in terms of papers in peer-reviewed journals and other relevant international publication channels.

Documented external funding, experience with research leadership and relevant collaboration with industry will be rated positively. In the documentation of external research funding raised during the career, applicants should clearly state her/his role in the acquisition and conduction of the project.

We will also assess outreach, network and teaching and supervision activities. An associate professor is expected to aim at developing further to a full professor.

Applicants must be fluent in oral and written English. It is considered an advantage to have good skills in a Scandinavian language. The candidate who is not fluent in a Scandinavian language are encouraged to learn Norwegian to the language exam level C1 ("Bergenstesten" or equivalent) within 3 years.

We will emphasize personal suitability in our assessment. We expect the candidate to actively contribute to academic culture, think beyond the core of the own research interests, and have good collaboration skills necessary for joint interdisciplinary projects. The candidate must be willing to participate actively in the ongoing development of the discipline, the department, and the university.

Qualification requirements for the position as førsteamanuensis (Associate Professor):

  • Norwegian doctoral degree in subject area concerned or a corresponding foreign doctoral degree recognised as equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree, or competence at a corresponding level documented by academic work of the same scope and quality
  • Documented pedagogical competence

At UiT we put emphasis on the quality, relevance and significance of the research work and not on where the work is published, in accordance with the principles of The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

UiT wishes to increase the proportion of females in academic positions. In cases where two or more applicants are found to be approximately equally qualified, female applicants will be given priority.

Pedagogical competence (basic pedagogical competence)

All applicants for teaching and research positions shall document their pedagogical competence.

You must have acquired basic competence for teaching and supervision at higher education level, this include basic skills in planning, conducting, evaluating and developing teaching and guidance.

For information about basic pedagogical competence and teaching portfolio, see: https://result.uit.no/om-pedagogisk-mappe/

Documentation requirement:a) Applicants who have completed education or courses designed to provide teaching competence for teaching at universities and colleges, equivalent to a minimum of 200 hours, must attach diploma and curriculum for the completed course.

b) Other applicants shall describe, assess and document their competence as a teacher and supervisor.The skills must be documented in the form of a teaching portfolio.

If the pedagogical competence can be acquired within two years of appointment, applicants shall not be ranked based on pedagogical competence.

Those who do not satisfy the requirements may be appointed on a permanent basis on the condition that they satisfy the requirements within two years of appointment.

We offer

  • Mentorship and administrative support for female associate professors, for developing a career plan and funds for realization of such a plan.
  • A challenging and stimulating working environment.
  • Support on applications for externally funded research projects.
  • R&D sabbatical conditions which are considered some of the best in the country
  • Good welfare arrangements for employees
  • Good arrangements for pension, insurance and loans in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

The remuneration for Associate Professor in accordance with code 1011. A compulsory contribution of 2% to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is deducted. In addition to the salary; UiT pays 13,5% directly to the Pension Fund.

Employees in permanent positions as associate professor have the right to apply for a paid sabbatical (research and development).


The application must be submitted electronically via www.jobbnorge.no and shall include:

  • Application letter
  • CV including list of all academic works
  • Diplomas and transcripts (all degrees)
  • Written references
  • Contact information to 2-3 references
  • Documented pedagogical competence
  • A list of your academic production
  • Description of your academic merits, stating which works you consider most important and your contributions
  • Academic works, up to ten. The doctoral thesis is regarded as one work.

The documentation must be in English or a Scandinavian language.


The applicants will be assessed by an expert committee. The committee's mandate is to undertake an assessment of the applicants' qualifications on the basis of the written material presented by the applicants, and the detailed description draw up for the position.

The applicants who are assessed as best qualified will be called to an interview. The interview shall among other things, aim to clarify the applicants personal suitability for the position and motivations. A trial lecture may also be held.

General information

The appointment is made in accordance with State regulations and guidelines at UiT. At our website, you will find more information for applicants.

The allocation of working hours is flexible and allocated on a case-by-case basis. In general, associate professors will spend an equal amount of time on teaching and research and development work, after time spent on other duties has been deducted. As a norm, the time resources spent on administrative duties constitutes 5 % for academic staff.

The successful candidate must be willing to get involved in the ongoing development of their department and the university as a whole.

The remuneration for Associate Professor is in accordance with the State salary scale code 1011. A compulsory contribution of 2 % to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be deducted.

A good work environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply, regardless of their gender, functional capacity or cultural background. UiT and will emphasize making the necessary adaptations to the working conditions for employees with reduced functional ability.

More information about moving to Norway and working at UiT: http://uit.no/mobility

According to the Norwegian Freedom and Information Act (Offentleglova) information about the applicant may be included in the public applicant list, also in cases where the applicant has requested non-disclosure.

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