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Blindern og Urbygningen (Foto: Wikimedia og Colourbox)

Associate professor in computational medicinal chemistry

Deadline: 03.03.2021

Universitetet i Oslo

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The University of Oslo is Norway’s oldest and highest rated institution of research and education with 28 000 students and 7000 employees. Its broad range of academic disciplines and internationally esteemed research communities make UiO an important contributor to society.

The Department of Pharmacy has 130 employees. We have an active research and innovation environment based on independent research in pharmaceutical topics. The Department of Pharmacy is responsible for the popular master's degree program in pharmacy and has 350 competent and committed students.

Pharmaceutical related research and education forms the base of all activities at the Department of Pharmacy. The science of pharmacy lies in the interface between the natural sciences, pharmaceutical technology, health related topics and social sciences. This interdisciplinarity is reflected both in our study programmes and in our research.

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Job description

A full-time position as Associate Professor in computational medicinal chemistry is available at the Department of Pharmacy, Section for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo (UiO).

The Department of Pharmacy seeks a highly motivated, dynamic, collaborative oriented and innovative researcher to become part of the medicinal chemistry environment. Currently there are three research groups (LIPCHEM, New Innovative Drugs and Imaging, and SYNFAS) conducting research in medicinal chemistry at the department. The applicant must possess a solid knowledge of medicinal chemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacy and life oriented research activities.

The successful candidate will contribute to further development of the research activities in medicinal chemistry, individually as well as in collaborations. In additions, it is expected that collaborations will be initiated with other disciplines, e.g. pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology and microbiology, at the Department of Pharmacy. The successful candidate must document by scientific articles a solid research experience in computational medicinal chemistry. It is an advantage with prior research experience with molecular modeling towards enzymes and receptors for the design of small molecular drug candidates and drugs.

The successful candidate must have experience within one or several of the following research areas:

  • docking of drugs and drug candidates towards enzymes, proteins and receptors; QSAR-studies; pharmacophore modelling; ligand-based and structure/target-based virtual screening methods

The person appointed should be able to carry out research-based teaching within computational medicinal chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry and biochemistry at the bachelor, master and PhD-levels. Integration of computational methodology in these topics also applies. Supervision of master and PhD students are also part of the duties. The successful candidate will be expected to attract extramural research funding. A teaching load of 50 % applies, including courses under the five-year pharmacy master program, and supervision of master and doctoral students. Teaching at the master and Phd-level also applies. Administrative duties are also part of the position.

The department will move into a new Life Science building in 2025 where computational life science is one of the thematic research areas to be developed. The applicant will contribute to the development and advancement of this thematic area using computational methods in medicinal chemistry, drug design and drug development, as well as other life science projects. Integration of research activities towards researchers working with life science projects outside the Department of Pharmacy is expected from the successful candidate. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will in 2021 launch a new center named dScience. The aim of the center is to bring different research environments and institutes working with data science and computational research areas closer together.

Applicants must document academic qualifications in their field, equivalent to a Associate professor position. The successful applicant must be able to teach at all levels and to supervise Master and PhD students.

The successful applicant may furthermore be required to take on other teaching duties and administrative tasks, by request from the Department or the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Qualification requirements

When evaluating applicants, emphasis will be on documented experience and qualifications in the following order and areas:

Required qualifications:

  • The successful candidate must hold a PhD-degree within computational medicinal chemistry or equivalent discipline
  • The successful candidate must document their scientific experience, based on a solid publication record, within docking of drugs and drug candidates towards enzymes, proteins and receptors, QSAR-studies, pharmacophore modelling, ligand based and structural-based virtual screening methods
  • Scientific qualifications will play a major role, and the main emphasis will be on the candidate’s scientific production from the last five years
  • Pedagogical qualifications, teaching and supervision experience at all levels will be an important factor in the evaluation process and should be well documented in a teaching portfolio. The applicant should describe her/his qualifications in view of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) framework which includes:
    • Focus on student learning
    • A definite progress over time
    • A research philosophy to teaching and learning
    • A collegial attitude and practice
  • The successful applicant will collaborate with other pharmaceutical research areas (pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology and microbiology). Pharmacists are encouraged to apply
  • Proficiency in oral and written English is a requirement.

Applicants who on appointment cannot provide documentary evidence of pedagogic qualification (minimum formal requirement is a 200 hrs pedagogical programme) must acquire such competence in the course of a period of two years.

The successful candidate must be able to teach in Norwegian or in another Scandinavian language. Applicants who are not competent in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish must acquire such competence within two years subsequent to their appointment.

Desirable qualifications:

  • Candidates should be able to establish, lead and conduct research projects, also as a collaborator. A track record in scientific and administrative leadership is an advantage, as well as participation in the acquisition of research grants
  • International network, outreach activities, collegiality, and the ability to create a good working environment will be part of the evaluation
  • The person appointed will be requested to take on some administrative duties. Hence, such experience will be an advantage
  • Documented experience in supervision of PhD and master students is an advantage
  • It is an advantage if the candidate can document a previous record of obtaining external research grants, and experience from participation and coordination of research projects
  • It is an advantage with additional scientific experience and broad knowledge of organic chemistry, chemistry or pharmacy
  • International experience is an advantage
  • It is an advantage with prior teaching experience in computational medicinal chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry or general chemistry

Personal requirements

  • Ability to create an attractive, inclusive and competitive research environment.
  • Collegial behavior and practice.
  • Networking skills, ability to collaborate, communication skills, and scientific leadership

We offer

  • Salary NOK 607 700 - 802 600 per year depending on qualifications in position as Associate professor (position code 1011)
  • A professionally stimulating working environment
  • Attractive welfare benefits and a generous pension agreement, in addition to Oslo’s family-friendly environment with its rich opportunities for culture and outdoor activities
  • The opportunity to apply for promotion to full professorship at a later stage

How to apply

The application must include:

  • Application letter.
  • A research statement paper (1–4 pages) describing the applicant’s vision and scientific ambitions for the nearest future.
  • A detailed CV, including a complete list of education, positions, pedagogical experience, administrative experience, project acquisition and coordination experience, and other qualifying activities.
  • Copies of educational certificates, PhD diploma, transcript of records and letters of recommendation.
  • A complete list of publications and academic merits and awards (if not included in the CV).
  • Full text of up to 10 selected scientific publications the applicant wishes to include in the evaluation.
  • A document discussing the importance, interrelation, and relevance of the selected papers for this position.
  • Educational portfolio of 3–6 pages documenting educational competence and experience, including a reflection note in which your own teaching practice and view of learning is anchored in the SoTL framework (focus on student learning, development over time, a researching approach and a collegial attitude and practice)
  • List of reference persons: 3 references (name, relation to candidate, email and phone number)

Application with attachments must be submitted via our online recruitment system. Please note that all documentation must be in English or a Scandinavian language.

Formal regulations

An interview and a trial lecture will be used in the appointment process. The basis for assessment of the applicants will be the scientific criteria described above, the scientific production of the applicant, the teaching portfolio, pedagogical and educational qualifications, other qualifications, the applicant’s qualifications within leadership and administration as well as the general personal suitability. In ranking the competent applicants, the full range of qualifications will be considered and explicitly assessed.

Rules for appointments to associate professorships.

Rules for the assessment and weighting of pedagogical competence for appointments to permanent academic posts which include teaching duties.

According to the Norwegian Freedom and Information Act (Offentleglova) information about the applicant may be included in the public applicant list, also in cases where the applicant has requested non-disclosure.

The University of Oslo aims to achieve a balanced gender composition in the workforce and to recruit people with ethnic minority backgrounds. Women are encouraged to apply.

In addition, the University of Oslo aims for its employees to reflect the diversity of the population to the greatest degree possible. We therefore encourage qualified applicants with disabilities or gaps in their CV to apply for the position. The University of Oslo will adapt the workplace to suit employees with disabilities. Applicants who indicate that they have disabilities or gaps in their CV are made aware that this information may be used for statistical purposes.

The University of Oslo has an agreement for all employees, aiming to secure rights to research results, see this link.


  • Professor and Head of Section of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Pharmacy, Trond Vidar Hansen, phone: +4722857450, e-mail: [email protected]

For questions regarding the recruitment system please contact HR Adviser Therese Ringvold, e-mail: [email protected]

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