Head Engineer / Medical Physicist, Preclinical PET core facility

Deadline: August 6, 2018

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A new permanent position as head engineer or medical physicist is opened at the preclinical PET core facility (PETcore) at Helsefak. PETcore is organized at the Institute of Clinical Medicine (IKM) and affiliated to the Tromsø PET imaging center (PET-center) at UNN. Our focus is on delivering nuclear imaging services to UiT/UNN researchers. We are an R&D core facility, performing tracer developing studies, establishing imaging methods, as well as participating in study design, performance and data analysis in the projects ran at our platform. At the PET-center, there are approx. 40 positions, and the environment is highly multidisciplinary. The institution counts with a cyclotron for the generation of radionuclides, state-of-the-art equipment for the production of radiotracers, new equipment for small animal in vivo imaging and clinical positron emission tomography (PET), single photon emission tomography (SPECT), computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) scanners.

The PETcore possesses a three-modality scanner (PET/SPECT-CT); an image guided mouse irradiator, containing a bioluminescence imaging unit, and will soon purchase a new preclinical PET-MR scanner. All the imaging equipment mentioned is located behind animal barriers in the department of Comparative Medicine (AKM). AKM is a research department at the Helsefak approved by the authorities in order to establish and use animals in biomedical research. AKM and the PETcore serve users from the entire UiT, from UNN and from other research institutions in the region. The employee will work closely together with the R&D section at the PET-center and AKM.

About the position

The employee shall assume responsibilities and tasks related to the operation and management of preclinical imaging scanning equipment and/or irradiator. Typical tasks will be the establishment and optimization of procedures, quality assurance of the different equipment and operational functions, maintenance / service of the machines, assistance in experimental planning and training of users, counseling, radiation planning, dosimetry, etc. The position involves exposure to animal allergens that are not beneficial to people prone to, or with already developed allergies. There is the opportunity for participation at national and international courses and conferences. The working environment is interdisciplinary, team based and presents good opportunities for participation in research projects.

Qualification requirements

Relevant education at the master's level, as well as relevant practice and competence in the field of study. Special emphasis will be placed on experience and expertise in image analysis optimization, medical physics, use of radioactive isotopes and quality assurance of equipment and procedures. Applicants should also have a good knowledge of radiation safety (HSE). Knowledge of the handling of relevant experimental animals (rodents) is an advantage, but no prerequisite. If the hired person does not already have a course in experimental animal education (Category C according to Norwegian government requirements), he / she will be required to undergo such training as well as any other relevant courses.

A good candidate for this position must be accurate, independent, systematic, service minded and sociable. The hired person may not have known allergy to animals, nor rodents at home as pets (due to the risk of infection to the animals in the department).

Current candidates will be invited for interview. In addition to the formal requirements that must be met, personal qualities and suitability for the position will be of great importance.

Working conditions

Remuneration for the position is in accordance with the State salary scale code 1087 Head Engineer, alt. Senior Engineer code 1181. A compulsory contribution of 2 % to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be deducted.

Further information on the position can be obtained from the head of the PET-center, Rune Sundset, tel. 971 414 56 [email protected].

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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