44 new PhD Positions in Interdisciplinary Sustainability Initiatives

Deadline: 01.01.2022

NTNU is announcing 43 individual PhD positions that will contribute to a greater understanding of system effects, societal changes and conflicts of interest related to the sustainability challenges. These positions are divided into 9 interdisciplinary sustainability projects with 4-7 PhD positions in each project.

The announcement date: 22 November 2021

Find project pages with announcements here.

1 new PhD Position

In addition, NTNU has allocated 1 PhD position in interdisciplinary cooperation for sustainability. The purpose of the position is to develop new knowledge about the role and impact of interdisciplinary cooperation in projects for sustainability. The candidate is to investigate if and how interdisciplinarity in projects leads to increased sustainability.

The announcement date: 22 November 2021

Find project page with announcement here.

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