Ledig stilling på Meteorologisk institutt

Postdoctoral position on atmosphere and earth system modelling

Deadline: 23.04.2019

We are seeking a scientist within the field of atmospheric, global climate and earth system modelling to be employed at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) for a 3-year postdoc position. The research on climate and earth system processes at MET Norway is centered around the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) with an important contribution to CMIP6 model intercomparisons. The NorESM model is developed and applied in a national partnership with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen (BCCR), CICERO, NILU and the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo. This joint NorESM work has been recently evaluated (via application review for two large federated projects INES and KeyCLIM) as exceptionally creative by an international evaluation committee appointed by the Norwegian Research Council.

Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Modern meteorology requires management and analysis of enormous amounts of data, and offers great and exciting professional challenges. Since the institute was established in 1866, the Norwegian meteorologists have played a key role in this development. Norwegian Meteorological Institute is today a leading international environment of expertise in operational meteorology and climatology.

The new position will be located in the Climate Modelling and Air Pollution group of the R&D Division which currently has about 80 scientists altogether. The Division addresses model and analysis of oceanography, marine meteorology, climate and air pollution, is organized in projects and serves the operational part of MET Norway.


The new scientist will work within the field of climate and earth system modelling, with emphasis on development and analysis of processes in the atmospheric component of NorESM. He/she will contribute with model simulations and advanced scientific diagnosis of results, in particular model results from the on-going CMIP6 model intercomparisons (AerChemMIP, CFMIP, DECK, Historical) and the aerosol model intercomparison initiative AeroCom. The work shall constrain anthropogenic forcing and future climate pathways e.g. through modelling of aerosols, cloud feedbacks and climate sensitivity. Ultimately this should lead to better understanding of the atmospheric hydrological cycle, connecting to climate services and efforts on climate change knowledge dissemination. Further tasks will depend on available external funding in the field.

Preferred qualifications

● experience with advanced earth system model codes

● a PhD in geosciences, preferably with aerosol and/or cloud topic specialisation

● experience in interpreting results from atmospheric climate and/or NWP models

● a scientific track record in the dynamics, physics and/or chemistry of the atmosphere

● experience with team work and with externally funded research projects, won through competition

● familiarity with LINUX, python, FORTRAN-90, web services, parallelization and optimization

● fluency in written and spoken English

Personal skills

● strong motivation

● ability to take responsibility and leadership, work in a team and independently

● ability to work in a result-oriented and structured way

● working language at MET Norway is Norwegian, and foreign candidates must be willing to learn Norwegian


● salary on the Norwegian governmental salary scales dependent on qualifications and experience (NOK 515.200 - 695.500 pr. year, higher salary can be negotiated in case the selected applicant has excellent qualifications)

● membership in the governmental pension scheme (2% deducted from gross salary)

● the first 6 months is a mutual trial period

We emphasize diversity and therefore encourage all those who are qualified to apply - regardless of age, gender, functional capacity, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gaps in the resume. The Government has invited to a joint effort for inclusion and has set a target that 5% of all new employees in the state should have impaired functional capacity or gaps in their resumes. The working conditions will be facilitated for employees with disabilities. Applicants who inform that they have reduced functional capacity will be invited to interview if they are qualified.

If any case an applicant does not wish to be registered on the public application list, the applicant will need to give a reasonable argued justification. Information about the applicant can still be published. If the wish to not be registered on the public application list is denied, the applicant will be informed prior to the disclosure.

For more details: Head of Group Hilde Fagerli (ph +47 92 02 65 97), Deputy Head of Group Michael Schulz (ph +47 984 71 672) or Director of Research Lars-Anders Breivik (ph +47 917 50 623).

The application must be submitted electronically, see www.met.no "Vacant positions”.

Please attach CV, list of publications and the names of two references.