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Blindern og Urbygningen (Foto: Wikimedia og Colourbox)
Blindern og Urbygningen (Foto: Wikimedia og Colourbox)

Adjunct Professor / Associate Professor (20 % position), combined with Senior Consultant (100 % position) at Department of Infectious diseases

Deadline: 20.11.2019

A permanent 100 % position as Senior Consultant is available at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital. Department of Infectious Diseases is located at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål.

Universitetet i Oslo

The University of Oslo is Norway’s oldest and highest ranked educational and research institution, with 28 000 students and 7000 employees. With its broad range of academic disciplines and internationally recognised research communities, UiO is an important contributor to society.

The Institute of Clinical Medicine (Klinmed) is one of three institutes under the Faculty. Klinmed is responsible for the Faculty's educational and research activities at Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital. With about 800 employees spread over approximately 425 man-labour years, Klinmed is the university's largest institute. Our activities follow the clinical activity at the hospitals and are spread across a number of geographical areas.

The Department of Infectious Diseases takes care of patients with a complete range of infectious diseases and complications, including a tertiary function for treatment of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis. Major clinical responsibilities include large volume treatment and follow-up of HIV patients and patients with chronic viral hepatitis C and B. The Department runs an in-house microbiology and research laboratory with particular expertise in parasitology and with resources and equipment for immune analyses and patient biobank sampling. The research focus of the dep. is HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, sepsis, tropical diseases and antimicrobial resistance with focus on translational research on diagnostics and immune regulation mechanisms and clinical phase I/II intervention trials.

Oslo University Hospital is a highly specialised hospital in charge of extensive regional and local hospital assignments and the provision of high quality services for the citizens of Oslo. The hospital also has a nationwide responsibility for a number of national and multi-regional assignments and has several national centres of competence. The hospital is Scandinavia's largest and we each year carry out more than 1.2 million patient treatments. Oslo University Hospital is responsible for approximately 50 percent of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals and is a significant role player within the education of a large variety of health care personnel. We are an emergency hospital for East and Southern Norway and have national emergency assignments. The hospital has a total budget of NOK 17 billion. More than 20,000 employees are engaged with activities at more than 40 different locations.

Flere stillinger fra Universitetet i Oslo

The position is affiliated with a part time position as Adjunct Professor SKO 9301 /Associate Professor SKO 1011 (20 % position, Ref. 2019/10742) in Medicine (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases) at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (UiO). It is required that the position holder attends to both positions.

Academically the department has 3 adjunct professorships. Currently three research groups are defined: The Regional Centre for Imported and Tropical Diseases is affiliated to the Dept. with its own research group and also provides educational services on the topics. Chronic Infections Research Group (CIRG) performs translational research with observational patient cohorts and clinical interventional trials on infections with primary focus on HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis and sepsis (http://www.med.uio.no/klinmed/english/research/groups/chronic-infectious-diseases/index.html)The main focus of the third research group is antimicrobial resistance (AMR), working in collaboration with the UiO/OUS AMR research network. The Department provides patients quality registers (HIV, TB and hepatitis), study nurses and a research lab with skilled technician, equipment to perform immunology studies (flow cytometer, cell sorter cytometer, ELISPOT reader and ELISA) and biobank sampling and processing services.

Regard the full-time clinical position at Oslo University Hospital

The Department of Infectious Diseases is the most specialized ID unit in Norway. The Department accommodates a 21 bed ward with 6 low pressure isolates and a unique, highly specialized 12 bed ward that contains a modern high security isolation unit. The wards take care of patients with a complete range infectious diseases and complications, including regional function for treatment of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis. An outpatient clinic cares for about 1,800 HIV-infected patients, as well as large volume treatment and follow-up of patients with chronic viral hepatitis C and B. The Department provides ID consultant services to other departments at the Ullevål Hospital Campus and runs an in-house microbiology lab with particular expertise in parasitology.

The clinical responsibilities will be detailed individually but comprise approx. 3 workdays per week according to the agreement between Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo for adjunct professorships.

The activities will include

- Participation in the ordinary clinical work at the department

- Participation in the on-call duty

- Research and development integrated in the clinical activities

- Education of medical students and supervision of specialist candidates

Qualification requirements

- Certified specialist in infectious diseases in Norway

- Broad clinical experience in infectious diseases.

- Good theoretical and clinical skills

- Verbal and written communication skills in Norwegian or Scandinavian language

- Good cooperation skills, engagement and flexibility.

- Good working capacity

We can offer

- An inclusive and dynamic working environment.

- A high level of medical expertise

- Well established and well-functioning schemes for combined position as professor

Regarding the part-time academic position at UiO:

For complete job description with qualification requirements and basis of evaluation on the academic position please see:


Applications for the academic part-time position must include:

- Cover letter and CV- Complete list of publications

- Separate list of 10 most relevant publications to be evaluated specifically for the position (please send these publications attached in full text versions).

- Description of ongoing research and plan for future research and funding activities.

- Overview of experience in supervising PhD candidates, including names of the candidates, period of supervision, information on institutions and dates for the presentation of the theses, as well as specific information regarding experience as main- or co-supervisor for each candidate


- Description of qualifications regarding administration, leadership, teaching and foreign language skills- Other relevant qualifications

Please scan and upload the documents as PDF files

See guidelines for designing the application, information for applicants, rules for appointments to Associate/Adjunct Professorships as well as rules concerning pedagogical skills: http://www.med.uio.no/om/jobb/veiledninger/index.html

Contact persons

For the senior consultant position:

  • Anne Maagaard, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, E-mail: [email protected]

For the associate professor or adjunct professor position:

  • Anne Ma Dyrhol Riise, professor II, Head of Research, Department of Infectious Diseases, Oslo University Hospital. Division of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo, E-mail: [email protected]

Enquiries about the application process related to the part-time position should be directed to:

  • Human Resources Advisor at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Tone Tverfjell, [email protected]

Webcruiter ID: 4139454486

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  • Anne Maagaard (Head of Department), + 47 22 11 80 80
  • Anne Ma Dyrhol Riise (Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases), +47 22 11 80 80