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Associate Professor of Service Innovation

Deadline: 20.10.2019

About the position

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) has one open position for permanent, full-time associate professorship in the subject area of innovation within the private or public sector. In particular, the regional dynamics of innovation and the contribution to regional development is emphasised. The position is connected to the Centre for Innovation in Services (CIS).

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) is home to over 14,000 students and 1,000 employees, and has campuses in Lillehammer, Hamar, Elverum, Rena, Evenstad and Blæstad.

INN University aspires to build strong and enduring academic and research environments that will spearhead regionally, nationally and internationally. We are developing a new and better institution with high academic and pedagogical quality, aiming at achieving university accreditation by 2020.

Our vision is "Stronger Together".

The holder of the position will have her or his regular connection to the cross-disciplinary academic environment at CIS and will be a member of its leadership. The objectives of this position are to strengthen the research at CIS within the area of innovation and regional development, in addition to contribute to the development of the Centre and its PhD program: “Innovation in Services in the Public and Private Sectors”. The successful candidate has conducted research on how regions can be integrated in global production and innovation networks and/or global value chains. Moreover, it is expected that the holder of the position will contribute to the scholarly activity at the faculty of Inland School of Business and Social Sciences. The associate professor is expected to work actively to receive research grants and other external income from the Research Council of Norway.

At INN University, the arrangement of working time for Associate professors is ordinarily composed of 40% for research and research-related activities, 5% administrative duties, and 55% teaching and teaching-related tasks.

Teaching and teaching-related duties

  • In addition to supervising and teaching of CIS’s doctoral students, the holder of the position will teach in the programs offered at INN University, that are relevant and qualifying for admission to the PhD program at CIS.
  • As a part of the teaching-related activities, the holder of this position will also contribute the development of courses offered at the master’s and doctoral levels within her or his field.
  • All or parts of the instruction should be held in English.


  • We are looking for a candidate with a solid background in research within the areas related to the field of innovation in the of private or public sector, and in particular the role of innovation in regional development.
  • The relevant types of formal education that a prospective applicant might have are diverse, including geography, business administration, economics, leadership and organizational studies, political science or sociology.
  • The candidate must have the motivation and ability to contribute actively to the faculty’s and Centre’s academic environments, including the procurement of funds, the administration, and the conducting of individual and collaborative research projects.
  • Experience of partaking in international collaborations within the subject area is required.
  • The research activities of the department rely crucially on external funding, and the development of educational programs may also receive external funding. The candidate must document the ability to participate in grant processes and receive external funding. The applicant must also have documentation of experience in teaching and supervision at the doctoral level.

Beyond the formal qualifications, the INN University also wishes to stress that applicants should be able to interact with both students and colleagues in a positive, constructive manner and that they should be able to complement a developing academic environment. The evaluation of the applicants’ qualifications will be done according to the normal rules and regulations for academic and teaching positions at universities and specialized university institutions. However, personal qualifications and skills, and how the candidate fit the overall faculty is underlined as important criteria. The formal qualification requirements for appointments of teaching and research positions are codified in Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts.

INN University reserves the right not to employ an applicant who is academically qualified if it is found that the applicant does not satisfy other requirements relating to teaching ability, teaching experience, experience in procuring funds, leadership and administration of projects, international publications and networks, or the ability to cooperate with colleagues.

How to apply

The application with attachments must be submitted in our electronic recruiting system.

The application must include:

  • CV (summarizing education, positions and academic work),
  • copies of educational certificates and letters of recommendation,
  • a complete list of scientific publications and other scholarly work,
  • a tentative plan for future research activity related to CIS`s area of research,
  • up to 10 academic articles, chapters or similar which the applicant believes should be considered in the evaluation. More recent publications will be emphasized. If there are several authors to some of the academic articles that are included, the candidate’s role in the article must be described.
  • a teaching portfolio that includes:- Documentation of formal teaching qualifications.- Documentation of teaching experience, for example an overview of teaching/counseling experience.- Documented work experience in program- and teaching quality development, planning, evaluations etc.- Reflection about your own teaching philosophy and teaching practice.

Relevant applications will be considered by an expert committee. Complementary CVs, certified copies of diplomas and testimonials, publication lists and documents / works to be considered must be submitted as electronic attachments or links to the application.

As a general rule an interview will be used in the appointment process, and it may be appropriate to require trial lectures.

Requests for exemptions from the public list of applicants must be clearly justified and stated via electronic application form. Applicants will be contacted if the INN University cannot comply with the request (cf. section 25 of the Off Act)

The state workforce should as far as possible reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore a personnel policy goal at INN University to achieve a balanced age and gender composition and to recruit people with an immigrant background. The working conditions are organized if necessary for persons with reduced functional capacity. If applicants declare that they have impaired ability or gaps in CV, this information may be used for registration purposes in connection with the personnel policy goal.

We offer

  • An academically stimulating work environment with engaged colleagues at a growing institution
  • Good welfare benefits
  • Salary according to "SKO 1011 Førsteamanuensis" in State salary scale, depending on qualifications and experience in position as Associate professor
  • A good pension scheme through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • For more information about INN University as an employer, see Working at INN University.

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