Ledig stilling ved Veterinærinstituttet

Researcher in statistics with skills in multivariate analysis and machine learning

Deadline: 19.06.2019

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is hiring a researcher in statistics to join the Section for epidemiology. The position is a temporary 3-year position located in Trondheim and is full-time.

Role Description


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The statistician will work on a project, Farmsalmtrack, and work closely with a lab in the project that analyzes elements in salmon scales as part of a tracking scheme for escaped salmon. The lab has acquired a large amount of reference material and continues to collect and analyze scales from salmon farms.

Programming, data analysis, statistics in the form of pattern recognition and classification, as well as the presentation of data are some of the tasks to be expected. An important part of the statistician’s work will be developing and optimizing the use of classification methods (discriminant analysis, k-means cluster analysis, random forest, etc.) in addition to validating the salmon-tracking method through cross validation. Time series methods such as dynamic time warping are also used on measurements taken along a timeline from the center out to the edge of scales. The tracking method will not only be developed and validated using simulated scenarios with known escapees but will also be used with data from real salmon farm escapes.

In addition there might be work on other research projects within the institute. Knowledge in the areas of machine learning and multivariate analysis are valuable also within projects dealing with genetic data and bio-information along with toxicology projects containing many measurements of individuals. The statistician will be connected to the professional network in the Section for epidemiology in Oslo.

Within the Section for epidemiology, R is the main programming language for statistical analysis. The software environment is used in a variety of ways including data analysis and web-based applications such as “shiny”. There is a focus on working together to maintain and develop source code in R.


  • Graduate degree with a major in Statistics OR graduate degree with a major in Analytical Chemistry, Biology, or related STEM major with documented competence in statistics required
  • Programming skills as well as experience with R required
  • Experience with multivariate statistical models and methods including machine learning preferred
  • Experience with biological research preferred
  • Proficiency English is required
  • Proficiency in a Scandinavian language preferred

The individual must possess an ability to independently and systematically plan and follow up tasks as well as develop new opportunities. A demonstrated capacity to cooperate and collaborate with other staff members is preferred.

For further information, contact:

  • Project Leader Ketil Skår (tlf 480 83 020),
  • Head of Section Eirik Biering (Trondheim) (tlf 995 39 42) or
  • Head of Section Malin Jonsson (Oslo) (tlf 930 86 902)

Contract and salary

The current position is offered as a full-time (37.5 hr per week) position.

The salary follows the regulations set by the Norwegian state for the category of researcher in code 1108 (current yearly gross salary 505 800 – 607 700 NOK), 1109 (current yearly gross salary 544 400 – 670 000 NOK) or 1110 (current yearly gross salary 631 700 -695 500 NOK) depending on qualifications. There is a compulsory deduction of 2% of the salary to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

NVI offers membership in the Norwegian state's pension fund with insurance schemes and favorable loan offers, flexible working time, a good working environment and opportunity for rental of the institute’s mountain cabin.

The state work force shall as far as possible reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore an aim to achieve a balanced age and gender composition as well as recruit people with immigrant backgrounds. People with immigrant backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the position.


Applications must be sent electronically via the institute’s application portal and can be written in a Scandinavian language or English.

In addition to filling out the online electronic application, candidates must provide copies of all certificates/diplomas relevant for evaluation. An introduction letter can be either attached or copy-pasted into the application’s online system. Applicants can also choose to submit a more detailed CV as an attachment.

If you would like to opt out of being on the public search list, you must mark this in the application. Information may be made public even if you have asked not to be listed in the search list. You will be notified if the request for anonymity cannot be granted.

Application ID: 05/19

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