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IRIS is a research and innovation company established in 2006 with origin in Rogalandsforskning. The research activities at IRIS cover both commissioned research and basic research. Main research areas are energy, environment and social science. The goal is to fill the society's need for knowledge and idea generation and the industry's need for innovative solutions. IRIS commercialises its work through its own subsidiary IRIS Forskningsinvest AS which has owner interests in approx. 20 companies.

As of 01.01.2018 IRIS will be part of a joint research institute. Our partners are Uni Research, Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), Agderforskning and Teknova. We will be 900 employees and have offices in six different locations.

Post doc

The reservoir group at IRIS consists of highly skilled researchers with background in mathematics, physics and petroleum technology. The research is targeted within two main areas:
1. Improved reservoir management through history matching and optimization using ensemble based methods.
2. Improved reservoir management through development of better reservoir and well simulation tools.

The position advertised is a two-year Post doc position funded by The Research Council of Norway and industry partners through the National IOR Centre of Norway. Research will be conducted on modeling and simulation of non-Newtonian fluids with applications to IOR and drilling and well technology. Within the two year period a competitive fluid flow solver is to be established based on existing software within the DUNE ( and OPM ( frameworks. A PhD in Applied Mathematics or related fields is required, and applicants showing a track record in scientific computing, strong programming skills and knowledge of DUNE and/or OPM will be favored over others.

Job description
  • Establish a fluid flow solver for non-Newtonian fluids based on existing components in DUNE and OPM.
  • Conduct research that lead to publication of scientific papers.
  • Programming in C++ and Python within DUNE and OPM.
  • Work together with task 6 of the National IOR Centre and the research team associated with the project.
  • PhD degree in applied mathematics or related fields.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Good written English.
  • Strong programming skills in C++ and Python.
  • Scientific computing background with knowledge of PDEs and simulation frameworks DUNE and/or OPM.
Education field
  • Education title: PhD degree
Personal qualities
  • Good cooperation skills.
  • Enthusiasm for scientific discovery.
We offer
  • To work in an exciting and inspiring research environment.
  • Close cooperation with the industry partners of the project.
  • Insurance and pension agreement for the position period.
  • Six weeks of holiday each year.
Miscellaneous info
  • Travel: Approx 25 days travel


Søknadsfrist: 31.01.2018

Kontakt: Randi Valestrand, Research Director
Telefon: (+47) 934 40 899

Kontakt 2: Robert Klöfkorn, Senior Research Scientist
Telefon: (+47) 482 93 024